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Aug 18


I think the Gomez situation didn’t hit me until a few days after he was gone. I’ll admit that I’ve never liked him much because I don’t think he particularly suits Bayern’s style, but still, I agree the whole Lewandowski mess was uncalled for.

I wish it could’ve happened differently and I hope he will be very happy in Fiorentina.

sry did he not fit bayern’s style in 2010-11 when he was bundesliga top scorer or in 2011-12 when he scored 40 goals for bayern

nvm forgot target men have been utterly obsolete since the 19th century and bayern has ALWAYS had strikers who are more like attacking midfielders

sorry luca toni, you were incompatible too. i shall take back those 38 goals you scored

Jul 22

For all the Bayern fans who wish Mario had stayed and “fought” for his starting role or think he’s taking the easy way out by going to Fiorentina, here’s a short—and by no means comprehensive or complete—list of some fun things Mario has had to come up against in the past four years:

And you wanted him to stay and endure the endless scapegoating for longer? You wanted him to stay, despite him having heard from the coach himself that he won’t get a starting role in a team that may ultimately field eight midfielders? He’s a quitter because he chose to leave the club he loves and go to a different country to a team with an interesting project instead of perpetually warming the already-warmed benches at Allianz Arena? He’s a coward because a number of people have decided that the best way to motivate him is to relentlessly criticize him? Seriously? Maybe I’m just WEIRD, but if I were a striker who has scored more goals than anyone in Europe but for the aliens Messi and Ronaldo, I’d be a little disappointed if I were to be (REPEATEDLY!) substituted into a match DURING STOPPAGE TIME with barely 3 minutes left to play. And I’d be doing a disservice to my own career if I chose to stay when the new coach has told me that I’m not really in his future plans. What an unrealistic expectation for a successful player to hope he’s at least given the time to prove himself. How silly of him to want to play and contribute so that he can do his part in his team’s search for a championship or trophy. 

The criticism never ends.

Oh, and sidenote: Mario’s decision to go to Fiorentina over an English or Spanish club (especially “top” ones as ~~~~successful~~~~ and ~*~*~*~prestigious~*~*~*~ as Chelsea or Manchester City) has been met with general confusion and condescension by people who a.) can’t understand the appeal of Serie A, and; b.) think he did so solely so that he’s assured of a starting spot. Head’s up: he probably would have had a starting spot at Chelsea and Atlético Madrid and a few other “top” clubs he was linked to anyway. AND a higher salary than at Fiorentina. AND a chance to continue competing in the Champions League. Except everyone conveniently seems to be forgetting that going to Fiorentina brings with it a challenge more nuanced than any that those other teams offer. Fiorentina’s a club brimming with young but inexperienced talent, led by an innovative young coach who has been building an ambitious, entertaining project at a team that hasn’t won a league title since the 1960s. And you know what? That little team took Italy by storm last year, and their hard work and shrewd scouting this summer (and the past year) has made them a serious contender for the Serie A title this upcoming season. And joining a club where he can truly make a difference and play a key role in their hopes of returning to the glory days is the easy way out? Jeez, then I don’t even wanna know what you guys think the hard path is.

Honestly? If you wanted to see someone who chose to go to a well-established, monied, already extremely successful club instead of one with minimal funds or one with no domestic or international success in recent years, you needn’t look any further than Pep Guardiola.

Good on you, Mario, for choosing a club whose management has already shown you more support, trust and affection than you’ve received in the past four years. 

PS: He looks superb in purple.

Jul 17
May 23

it’s pretty hilarious that mario gomez’s absence is most strongly noted/rued during photoshoots

if THAT and not the months of barely playing is what makes you notice how consistently he’s been marginalized this season,




May 10